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Thu, Aug 25 2016 8:00 PM

8:15 pm Skullkrusher - analogue synth soundscapes
9:15 pm Genre Peak

Genre Peak is the music of electronic composer Martin Birke. The projects albums have featured Mick Karn,Tara c. Taylor,Daniel Panasenko, Stephen Sullivan,Gustav Fjelstrom, Steve Jansen and Christopher Scott Cooper.
"It's a world of moods and flavours, which slowly draws you, rather than attempting to bludgeon over you the head, especially when, towards the end of the album ,they take a dark, instrumental bent on the assorted 'Microspheres'. But it's when Martin Birke unleashes his croon over the brooding melancholica of 'Always Empty' and the title track, that everything just falls seamlessly into place. Highly recommended."
-ZEITGEIST (Scotland)
Martin Birke is an electronic percussionist and composer of electronic/experimental and ambient music who started out as a gifted drummer at age 7 playing in talent shows, church bands and eventually his own bands. In his mid-twenties, Martin's instrumentals began appearing on several CD samplers from labels Ladd-Frith, The Music Independent, Priority, and AP. In the mid-90's Martin (with recording partner Aaron Kinney) was hired by The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre to score several pieces for the company and at the same time both his original and experimental bands Sandbox Trio and Casualty Park were signed to the Frank Mark Arts label in Germany. In 2005, Genre Peak was born as a trio with recording engineer Christopher Scott Cooper co-producing the band. Martin currently resides in northern California performing with Genre Peak, solo, and with improv quartet 4th World and other projects. He scored naturalist Dell Cullum's short film Cleaning The Sands Of Time in 2014. . Martin is involved with film score and industrial commercials. Genre Peak will continue. Martin was recently hired to score Dell Cullum's forthcoming film on world teacher Billy Strong:The Green Explorer, this film will premier in New York in August of 2016.

Skullkrusher is Philip Everett creating dark explosive improvised soundscapes and noise loop sculptures with analog and digitally processed electro-acoustic 36 string lap harp, xlarinet, brass snare drum and Gong.

Cost: $6-15 sliding