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Mon, Aug 8 2016 9:00 PM

Studio Grand
3234 Grand Ave, Oakland
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The Supplicants:
Sameer Gupta-drumset
David Boyce-saxophone
David Ewell-bass
Richard Howell-saxophone

The Supplicants start from scratch for each performance, channeling their inspiration into freely improvised musical moments.

The Supplicants believe wholeheartedly in the metaphysical spiritual qualities of music, specifically the body of sound known as jazz created and innovated by the black and brown men and women brought here in chains 400 years ago. Their music reflects the continuum of this music, from New Orleans polyphony to bebop’s virtuosic complexity to the funk and groove of hard bop to the bold experimentation and astral outlook of the New Thing/Free Jazz. It also reflects a global orientation, embracing the tones and textures of Africa, India, the Carribbean and Eastern Europe. It is a music that’s firmly rooted in the past while pointing to the future using the moments of now to express what is truly happening. This is where jazz and the people of earth are headed. The only question is are you ready to go?


Ross Hammond and Sameer Gupta blend Appalachian blues, jazz improvisation and North Indian Classical music together in their acoustic duo.

Ross Hammond-12 String guitar, resonator guitar
Sameer Gupta-Tabla

"Beautifully cohesive...the music exists in a timeless realm that touches on jazz, Hindustani music, spirituals and country without residing in any particular style."
-Andrew Gilbert, The California Report


Rob Ewing - solo trombone, synthesizer

Rob Ewing is a trombonist, bassist and drummer from Oakland, California. Trained at Berklee College of Music and Naropa University, Rob has been performing primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area since the early 2000's. Important collaborations over this period have included avantjazz quartet Married Couple; jazz fusion band Reorchestra; Rob’s own electrojazz Radiohead tribute band Disappear Incompletely (w/Kasey Knudsen, Patrick Cress, Steve Blum, Noah Phillips, Joe Bagale and Jamie Moore); the Marcus Shelby Orchestra; Graham Connah NoPorkestra; Oakland Active Orchestra; Cory Wright Outfit, Karl Evangelista’s Taglish; The Weiner Kids Family Band; Jacob Zimmerman’s Lawson; Aaron Bennett’s Electro-Magnetic Trans-Personal Orchestra; Jason Levis’s Joseph’s Bones; 3 modular and overlapping reggae bands Pavlov’s Band, Junior Reggae and Reggae on the Radio; the Electric Squeezebox Orchestra; Brass Magic; Les Gawn Jupons; Britt Ciampa Hugs You; and Mercury Falls.
For this performance, Rob will be debuting a set of new compositions for solo trombone and foot pedal synthesizer.

Cost: $15-20