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Thu, Oct 6 2016 8:00 PM

8pm: Person L (Dania Luck - supercollider)
9pm: K. Kipperman, Aurora Josephson, Kataryna Kopelevich

Person L is the Supercollider project of electronic musician Dania Luck.
A recent venturer into the Supercollider programming language, Luck's minimalist approach explores the depth of interaction between raw sounds from as few sources as possible. "As a minimalist, I tend to build my sounds and synthesizers using sparse functionality."
Luck, originally from Wisconsin, is studying electronic music at Mills College and has been making electronic music since 2007 using primarily hardware instruments.

Aurora Josephson is a musician and visual artist who currently resides in Oakland, California. Building on the foundation of operatic training and a BA in Music Performance from Mills College, she has forged a bold vocal style that is uniquely her own. To unleash the limitless range of sonic possibilities in the voice, Josephson employs a variety of extended and unconventional techniques drawn from the worlds of contemporary composition, improvisation, and rock. She has performed and recorded with Alvin Curran, Gianni Gebbia, Henry Kaiser, Joelle Leandre and William Winant, and musical groups Big City Orchestrae, Flying Luttenbachers, The Molecules, ROVA Saxophone Quartet, T.D. Skatchitband and the Merce Cunningham Dance Company.

k. kipperman is a composer, improviser, and teacher currently based in the Bay Area. They have also lived, worked, and breathed (deeply) in New Hampshire, Boston, Western Massachusetts, and Berlin, Germany. Interested in how social dynamics and queerness are negotiated and translated into sound and silence, k is always thinking about what it means to be connected to and critical of one's own body, identity, and privilege within music, composition, art, communities, & everything else in the entire world (and also outer space). k currently attends Mills College in Oakland, California, where they are pursuing an MA in Music Composition.

Kataryna Kopelevich is a Bay Area-based pianist, improvisor and teacher. She has primarily studied with Dmitry Rachmanov, Robert Schwartz, and Yekaterina Murina of the St. Petersburg Conservatory. She holds an MFA in Performance and Literature Analysis from Mills College.