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Tue, Sep 6 2016 8:00 PM

El Rio
3158 Mission St SF
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Diatessaron, Grex, Reconnaissance Fly @ El Rio

A diverse and exciting evening headlined by Canadian prog rock superstars Diatessaron, featuring Oakland art rock astronauts Grex and the eclectic, Canterbury rock-inflected Reconnaissance Fly.

Grex: Karl Evangelista: gtr/voice, Rei Scampavia: keys/voice, Robert Lopez: drums

Grex (Karl Evangelista-guitar/vocals, Rei Scampavia- keys, vocals, Robert Lopez-drums) has been called “completely original” and “true genre-warping music.” Grex was formed as a way to explore the meeting point between popular song and experimental jazz, creating a new music that both epitomizes its influences and moves in fresh, staggeringly new directions. Grex has participated in performances with the likes of Fred Frith, Tony Levin, and Zeena Parkins, and has presented at festivals throughout the United States.

Reconnaissance Fly: Brett Carson: keys, Rich Lesnik: reeds, Polly Moller: voice, flute, Larry The O: drums, percussion, Tim Walters: bass, electronics

Cost: $7
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