Serving the San Francisco Bay Area New Music Community

Wed, Sep 28 2016 7:30 PM

Pro Arts
150 Frank H Ogawa Plaza Oakland, CA 94612

The second of a two part series of experimental music concerts in September. This concert features three of the Bay Area’s most scintillating solo performers in experimental electronic music: Dax Pierson, Scy1e, and Madalyn Merkey.

$5 suggested donation

Dax Pierson may be best known as a member of experimental hip-hop group, Subtle, on Anticon Records. His solo work has been described as “Two suns, love and hardship, comprise the interior universe of all people but it’s the singular sound navigator, Dax Pierson, who orbits forever in the full blaze of both. Neither dissembling nor boasting, never jaded nor naive, Pierson sweeps us into the unruly inertia of existence itself, plowing the asymmetric rapids of fate on our spacecraft of flesh, powered by care, calories, patience, rage and awe. Cast off your illusions of exoteric shade, prepare to bask in the twin suns within.”


Scy1e (‘Sighwonee”) is a new direction for Raub Roy, also known as Horaflora. Electronic in nature, the character of Scy1e is more supple, more simpatico, than that of Horaflora. This music deals in interrelated cycles, or Relabi; “the self-erasing pulse”. Field recordings mingle with limping, stately, rhythms, together forming a rich community of sounds. Raub has performed electro-acoustic noise music as Horaflora since 2005. He, with partner Dianne Lynn, founded Weird Ear Records, a record label reveling in disparate forms of experimental music. Their slogan, “The Weird Ear, The Better,” serves as a guideline to the curatorial themes across all of these projects. Raub is from Western Mass. but has lived in the Bay Area since 2007.


Madalyn Merkey creates sound events with simple sonic material—voice, sine waves, and pulses—to generate lush synthetic environments with the aid of acoustic readings from microphones and sensors. She has performed solo computer music compositions at Yale Union, Issue Project Room, and Block Cinema, and designed sound installations for Robert Irwin’s Central Garden at the Getty Center in Los Angeles. Merkey is the English translator of the Italian music text Due scuole di musica elettronica in Italia (Die Schachtel, 2016), written by composer Enore Zaffiri and published in Milan originally by Silva Editore in 1968. Recordings of her work Scent (2012) and Valley Girl (2014) are available on New Images Ltd.


Cost: $5