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Thu, Oct 13 2016 8:00 PM

8pm Inter-dimensional Incursion -- Ambient Post-industrial Folk
Mark Pino - waterphone, percussion. electronics, Amanda Chaudhray - electronics, Mika Pontecorvo - generative processes, electronics, guitar, Elijah Pontcorvo - bass, Kersti Abrams - sax, maqrunah, mbira, Jaroba - sax
9pm Ear Spray
Carlos Jennings – electronics
Ann O’Rourke – processed vocals, processed video samples
Mark Pino – waterphone, percussion

Ear Spray will be performing "Fire & Water in 3 Movements"
1 Nebula; 2. Sun and Aurora Borealis; 3. Moon and Water -

Inter-dimensional Incursion
An electroacoustic improvisation set based on the generative design architecture work of Pontecorvo
between 1992-2001 (with some sound sources from recent Elzenga's algorithmic composition work.

Cost: $6-15 sliding