Serving the San Francisco Bay Area New Music Community

Sat, Oct 15 2016 8:00 PM

Park Presidio United Methodist Church
4301 Geary Boulevard at 7th ave, San Francisco, CA 94118


Polka? Waltz? Rock? Even without the upcoming presidential election, we live In Uncertain Times, presented by San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra at 8:00pm, on Saturday, October 15th, in Park Presidio United Methodist Church, 4301 Geary Boulevard. Italian composer Roberto Becheri ponders a more hopeful future in I Costruttori (The Builders), with mezzo-soprano Lisa Davila and company creating a dazzling sonic edifice. Martha Stoddard and Lisa Scola Prosek check in respectively in a sonorous Song of the Loon (for this crazy present?) and Ubi Sunt (Where Have They Gone) — a lost-and-found of great beauty from her opera Lucaria. Davide Verotta‘s To the Point will directly address issues of the here-and-now, while Stardust is sure to dazzle with his au courant offering. Mark Alburger wraps up the presentation with Variations on The Romanesca, a now-you-hear-it, now-you-don’t of spins on a thieving bass line that has been used by composers from Johnnes Pachelbel to John Lennon. You never know what the creative minds of San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra will come up with In Uncertain Times….

Cost: $25 General, sliding scale available for students
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