Serving the San Francisco Bay Area New Music Community

Sun, Oct 16 2016 3:00 PM


2016 marks the beginning of a year-long tribute to the composer Lou Harrison. 19th MFP&T’s last leg on October 16th will kick-off this commemoration project with special concerts. Featured here will be the following :

- A performance by Bay Area legendary percussionist Willie Winant, who will present pieces on a special bell instrument designed by Lou Harrison and his partner Bill Colvig.
- Pet the Tiger Instrument Inventors Collective will present pieces on a new instrument called ‘The (Theta-Schumann) Harmonic Series Gamelan’. This is an intense work of alternate tunings, inspired by the works of Lou Harrison.
- Gamelan Encinal : an aluminum gamelan ensemble that focuses on contemporary works. The instruments use the same just tuning that was used by Lou Harrison and Bill Colvig for Si Madeleine and Si Darius at Mills College. The current repertoire is composed of games, highlighting the playfulness and creativity of spontaneous innovation within the rules set by each score.
- Long Tone Choir : A manifold project that creates biotic and centripetal developments of sound, time and perception. The project uses inherently irregular tempo of breath as the musical pulse, plays within the harmonic series with specific pitches, vowels and vocal manipulations, and traverses the ragged edges of harmonic adventure through aleatory methods. The Long Tone Choir consists of local and national communities of singers, and has been facilitated by Rae Diamond since its founding in 2013.


Cost: $10-$15
Audio samples in which musicians at this event play: