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Mon, Oct 10 2016 9:30 PM

Studio Grand
3234 Grand Ave, Oakland
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Please join us for an evening of improvised music! Three sets. Two duets. One quartet.

Fred Frith (guitar)/ Jakob Pek (guitar)
Nava Dunkelman (percussion)/ Camille Emaille (percussion)

Doors 9PM / Show 9:30PM
$5 - $15 Suggested Donation


Fred Frith
Fred Frith is a songwriter, composer, improviser, and multi-instrumentalist best known for the reinvention of the electric guitar that began with Guitar Solos in 1974.
He learned his craft as both improviser and composer playing in rock bands, notably Henry Cow, and creating music in the recording studio. Much of his compositional output has been commissioned by choreographers and filmmakers, but his work has also been performed by Ensemble Modern, Hieronymus Firebrain, Arditti Quartet, Robert Wyatt, Bang on a Can All Stars, Concerto Köln, and Rova Sax Quartet, among quite a few others.
Fred enthusiastically records and performs all over the place with icons of contemporary music, younger players you may never have heard of, and everyone in between. He is currently leading the Gravity Band, Eye to Ear (his film music group), and Cosa Brava, whose second CD—The Letter—was released to critical acclaim in 2012.
Fred teaches at Mills College in Oakland California and at the Musik Akademie in Basel, Switzerland. He is the subject of Nicolas Humbert and Werner Penzel’s award-winning documentary film Step Across the Border.

Jakob Pek
Jakob Pek is a musician and artist based on the West Coast, USA. His work has been described as "transcontinental" and "transhistorical". Jakob's creative practice engages and interweaves chaos and order, offering refined expressions of established musical palettes juxtaposed with journeys into uncharted domains of abstraction and experimentation. His work is necessitated by a the urge to love, transform and renew.

Nava Dunkelman
Nava Dunkelman is a Bay Area based percussionist and improviser. Born in Tokyo, Japan and raised in a multi-cultural environment by an American father and Indonesian mother, her musical interests span the globe from Japanese taiko to Indonesian gamelan to American marching band, and from classical to contemporary to the avant-garde. Nava studied percussion under Eugene Novotney at Humboldt State University before attending Mills College, where she studied with William Winant, Fred Frith, Maggi Payne, Zeena Parkins, and David Bernstein.
Since graduating with a degree in music performance in 2013, she has performed and collaborated with William Winant, Fred Frith, John Zorn, Ikue Mori, George Lewis and many others. She has performed classical and contemporary pieces with the William Winant Percussion Group, inkBoat, The Luna Ensemble, San Francisco Girls Chorus, among others.
She also formed the improvisational trio Dapplegray, as well as electro-percussion experimental noise duo IMA, and improvisational duo DunkelpeK.
Nava enjoys discovering her own musical language by exploring experimental approaches to communication, progression and space.

Camille Emaille
Camille Emaille is a French percussionist born in 1993 in Nice. She is studying at the Musik-Akademie of Basel (Switzerland) with Christian Dierstein on contemporary music. She considers music a part of everything, part of everyday life. That's why she began to improvise, to feel music more as a flux, as something which is already here, something that we (the musician and the audience) just jump into... She works with many artists from varying fields, such as video, muppet theatre, shadow theater and plays in the musical projects Oxke Fixu (duo with clarinet), Defibrillator (electronic, e-trombone, perc.) and Ratax (d-b., cl., perc.). She used to organize and play in "wild" events, happenings that took place in unusual locations such as closed tunnels, abandoned hospitals, highway bridges, old synagogues; events where people go without any knowledge of what will transpire...

Cost: $5 - $15 Suggested Donation
Videos featuring musicians playing at this event
Fred Frith and Nava Dunkelman