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Thu, Oct 20 2016 9:30 PM

Studio Grand
3234 Grand Ave, Oakland
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Brooklyn/Oakland Double-Bill and Album Release Concert: Loop 2.4.3 + Intervales

Composer/performer Thomas Kozumplik (collaborator with Kronos Quartet, Brooklyn Philharmonic, Sufjan Stevens, The National) highlights Time-Machine_music, his new album with Loop 2.4.3 that has been compared to a shamanistic ritual in concert. Oakland's Alex Vittum electrifies nature as Intervales, with a unique blend of drums/percussion and electronics.


Stories of Power, Control, Love, War, and Hyper-Reality inform Loop 2.4.3's new album Time-Machine_music. The multi-media concert version brings together fine art, film, and composed and improvised music (using pitched and unpitched percussion, drums, voices, samples, and electronics), to paint poignant narratives.

Loop 2.4.3’s “hard-driving” and “intricate, energetic” live set featuring “haunting, twisting tones,” has been covered by The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Daily News, and more.

“It all sounds like part of a well-thought-out tradition. Only the tradition has never existed until now.” – NPR / Fresh Air
Thomas Kozumplik, steel drum, percussion, voice, samples & electronics

Intervales is an ambient and minimalist electronic music project. The music is inspired by distant ancestors, physical landscape, and nature. An Intervale is an old New England term that describes low lying land next to a river. Essentially a valley, it's where farmers would grow crops due to the rich soil found there. These are special places where I spent lots of time during my youth farming, exploring and testing the boundaries of my existence.

Alex Vittum, percussion and electronics

Doors 9:00pm, Show 9:30pm
$10-15 sliding scale donation