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Wed, Oct 26 2016 7:00 PM

Octopus Literary Salon
2101 Webster St. #170 Oakland
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Free show - a donation jar will be passed. In the jar money is preferable to padlocks, headphones, etc.

Reconnaissance Fly was born in 2009 from the dormant and pupating remains of Polly Moller & Company, then the six-year-old vehicle for flutist and vocalist Polly Moller’s spoken word compositions. Growing and transmogrifying, the band embraced progressive rock, jazz, funk, contemporary classical, and free improvisation influences, and became a team of goofball composers and superhero sidemen. The five members of Reconnaissance Fly are Brett Carson on keyboard; Richard Lesnik on clarinet, bass clarinet, and soprano and tenor saxophones; Polly Moller on voice, flutes and guitar; Larry The O on the drums, and Tim Walters on bass guitar and electronics.


organ of qwerty is the solo electronica project of John Hanes --
"a dream-state wandering through a sonic wunderkammer, a collection of curios, oddities, freaks, gems, and objects of wonder and beauty, a display intended to provide access to non-familiar listening experiences."

Cost: Free with donation jar passed
Audio samples in which musicians at this event play: