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Thu, May 11 2017 8:00 PM

8pm Doug Lynner - analog modular synthesizer
9pm Stevie Richards with Shanna Sordahl - cello/electronics, Robert Lopez - percussion

Doug Lynner, a.k.a. synthesizerman, was editor/publisher of the seminal synthesizer magazine, Synapse. He attended the California Institute of the Arts where his primary mentors were Harold Budd, Morton Subotnick and Leonid Hambro. He is a founding member of the synthpop bands Invisible Zoo, Moebius and LEM and is a radio host on with his monthly show, Doug Lynner's World of Noise.

Stevie Richards is a Saxophonist , Modular Synthesist and Sound Artist based in Melbourne , Australia.
Primarily self taught , his earliest influences came through lessons with Tenor Sax legend Mark Simmonds whilst living in Sydney in the 80's. He was part of the Indie rock scene in Sydney and garnered an appreciation for improvisation and electronic music during this time. Around 1993 , he started to play with legendary Rock/Noise band Ray of Creation who were part of the excellent scene at the Great Britain hotel around that time. After Ray of Creation disbanded he continued to work with guitarist Mike Sill forming a synth / guitar duo called Imperial Leatherman. Around 1994 , he recorded on several Trance and Techno releases by Melbourne electronic music legend Ollie Olsen on the Psy Harmonics label.
In 2001 , he joined Bucketrider Big Band at Wangaratta Festival of Jazz to perform an interpretation of Meditations by John Coltrane.
He continued to play Funk and work as a Soloist with Melbourne's Top DJ's and in 2004 was headhunted as Sax Player for Melbourne House Music live band : Dirty Laundry with whom he played and toured with extensively throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region until 2012. Meanwhile , he has been Sound Engineer for Make It Up Club for almost 15 years , continuing to perform as part of larger ensembles and as a soloist. Developing skills in Audio Production , DIY Analog Synth building and tutoring Ableton Live. On Modular Synth , Stevie has been performing live since 2011 under the monikers : cleaninglady and Supreme Overlord. He has toured extensively throughout Asia , Europe and the US performing Analog Synth performance and collaborations with musicians from countless genres and musical disciplines. He has built 9 full Serge analog modular panels, a TTSH Arp 2600 clone, a Buchla Music Easel clone and dozens of Eurorack DIY modules. Recently , he has been developing a completely Acoustic No Jazz trio called Richards/Palliser/Wadley , live recordings of which can be heard here.

Cost: $6-15 sliding
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