Serving the San Francisco Bay Area New Music Community

Mon, Dec 12 2016 8:00 PM

Hertz Hall
UC Berkeley campus near corner of College and Bancroft Berkeley
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Berkeley New Music Project presents,
The Eco Ensemble
Directed by David Milnes

Jon Yu - Kheir
for alto flute, percussion, viola

Jason Cress – Origin of Energy
for flute, percussion, and electronics

Scott Rubin – Naked to the Sky
for dancer, saxophone, piano, percussion, violin

Scott Rubin – Improvisation
for solo viola and live electronics

Lily Chen – Fusing, Refusing, Diffusing
for mixed chamber ensemble

James Stone, Cloud Flashes
for solo piano

Selim Gonçu, Damplification
for piano & assistant

Kayla Cashetta – Ray
for violin & cello

Tod Brody, Stacey Pelinka: flutes
Jeff Anderle: clarinet
Joshua Marshall: saxophone
David Granger: bassoon
Loren Mach: percussion
Dan Levitan: harp
Kate Campbell: piano
Anne Rainwater: piano/assistant
Hrabba Atladottir, Dan Flanagan: violin
Ellen Ruth Rose, Julie Michael: viola
Leighton Fong: cello
David Milnes: conductor