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Sat, Dec 17 2016 7:00 PM

“The World of Dogs” is an allegorical tale about facing a difficult problem and a solution that seems too easy, too simple, and too good to be true, and the disastrous consequences that come from choosing that solution. Also, it is a story about the secret underground economy run, by dogs. Also it is about renting in the Bay Area and having terrible roommates. On the night of December 17th, at the Ridge in Oakland, Roger Kim and Portrait Maker will present this tale through music, narration, dance, and video. There are going to be at least 10 musicians, 5 dancers, and one actor narrating the show.

Roger Kim: Guitar, Banjo, Narration, Vocals
Ryan Pate: Guitar
Andrea Wang: Vocals
Marica Petery: Vocals
Debbie Gold: C Flute
Michelle Lee: Alto Flute
Steven Lugerner: Bb Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Kyle Beard: A Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Eli Wirtschafter: Narration, Violin
Zachary Hazen: Viola, Violin
Daniel Brown: Cello

Hannah Westbrook: Dancing, Choreography
Julia Havard: Dancing, Choreography
Mackenzie Dolginow: Dancing, Choreography
Lauren Hamilton: Dancing, Choreography

Cost: $10-20