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Wed, Dec 21 2016 7:45 PM

Second Act
1727 Haight St. SF
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Door and any additional donations will go directly to the Mass Arts scholarship being created in Micah Danemeyer's name.

XOME vs Tralphaz
Cardigan clad singer songers know that if not for a millimeter of insulation, electrons will surge across the salt copper barrier jolting them into grotesque twitching puppets of highspeed meat. Noise legend, Xome, knows not just that sweaters are stupid but how to run the surge back both ways, bringing the entire city grid to heel. Once Xome hoists the electron gate off its hinges, look for Tralphaz playing tesla cats-cradle with the arcing waveforms steering them down our spines. Hopefully enough of us will show up to act as ground. Should be fun.

I Should Have Cut The Eyes Different
Put a mask on your mask and take a seat on that big velvet lap. Brutallo Sloumberfougx will unwrap a special cut of K Gordon Murray’s "Santa Claus" in Eastman Colorscope with super trio, I Should Have Cut the Eyes Different [Hans Grusel, Matt Ingalls, and Bran(...)Pos], leading the conga line straight into Santa's castle! Yes it’s really really really real.

A lampshade with four limbs protruding—five if you count the hockey stick—agitates a menagerie of electronics: a Roland GR 77 bass synth sprouts shag carpet between your toes, a Jayemsonic Resonator Neuronium blushes back at the lampshade, and that hockey stick bass starts hooking ankles. You start to hear field recordings of parades long past but still marching, pullstring electronic toys, and songs of the deceased while an impatient Sirkut SNB asks if we’re there yet.

Waxy Tomb
Julia Litman-Cleper is a San Francisco native specializing in bodily electronic alienation. Since sensory organs are one step from "knobs" interfacing us with external substance, now's the time we must seize the means of production. Reach into your waxy stuff, rearrange your dials, previct all landlords, and empty the mind jail. |

Cost: $5 ntaflf