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Sun, Jan 29 2017 8:00 PM

Radius Gallery
1050 River St #127 Santa Cruz

Ma'ayan Tsadka performs her Museum of Extinct Sounds and Imaginary Water Creatures, a trip through underwater amplification and cryptozoology. Laura Steenberge and KCM Walker perform a new collaborative work.

museum of extinct sounds and imaginary water creatures (musical object theater | sound installation | museum)
A rare visit to a museum of sounds from the future, with exhibits of underwater recovered sounds from the past of planet earth, and of new life forms that have evolved in this future world where humans cease to exist.

ma'ayan tsadka
musician; composer; sound-explorer
Composes sounds for people, instruments, objects, buildings, metal rails, and more. Current activity and research topics includes: underwater sonic-scapes, site-specific pieces, audio/visual pieces, and echo and resonance in musical, political, and social context: from the rhythms of protest chants, to a series of site-specific pieces which calls for active participation and challenges common musical hierarchies. Completed a DMA in music composition at UCSC, working with Larry Polansky, Hi Kyung Kim, David Cope and Amy Beal. Currently resides in Jaffa and teaches at Haifa university.

laura steenberge
Laura Steenberge is based in Los Angeles and the Bay Area. As a performer, she sings and plays viola da gamba, contrabass, piano, guitar and other things, in traditional and untraditional song styles. As a composer, she primarily writes vocal music. As a scholar she researches connections between music and language. Her current research is about the compositional practices of medieval composers of Byzantine chant, a study that has inspired a body of creative work about ritual and metaphors of the supernatural. She will be graduating from Stanford University in June 2016 with a DMA in music composition.

Cost: $8-15