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Sat, Mar 18 2017 8:45 PM

The Peacock Lounge
552 Haight
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Jeweled Snakes RECORD RELEASE party! Order the LP today and get in FREE at The Peacock Lounge, 552 Haight, SF SATURDAY Mar.18
- feat. Jeweled Snakes
- with V.E.X.
- and Amphibious Gestures
- but first Wobbly & Professor Cantaloupe
- while DJs Bunnywhiskers & Lucy tackle the decks!

Jeweled Snakes
“This is what I, for one, was really wanting Twenty-first century music to sound like. […] The promise and the menace of uncharted times echo in the frightening, powerful sounds of an electro noisescape.” –Jake Hout. Moving too fast, you're seized by sudden fear of what’s just been sung into your mind; but, once bitten the lyrics of Jeweled Snakes drip into your blood, seeding dark compulsions. Synth-straps bind you to a sexstep beat incubating desire, choking out your former self to spawn a stranger, hotter you.

V.E.X. (Voltage Empath Xanaxax a.k.a. Ventriloquest Ectoplasmold Xanaxax) is a synth-punk industrial dark-wave duo from Oakland California consisting of Roxy Monoxide and Lu Lu GammaRay. V.E.X. creates gritty minimal-wave death-rock electro noise spells from intense witches not of this world. Urgent, brooding, sensual, V.E.X. opens minds, clenches hearts, moves bodies and souls. Roxy and Lu Lu also play in the art-punk band Moira Scar.

Amphibious Gestures
The solo project of Kasper Rodenborn, Amphibious Gestures, bubbled over from the heavy cauldron of his live collaborations with Skozey Fetisch (Mark C. Jackman.) The first sizzle of that foamy spill turned luminescent, stood up from the fire, facemorphing each time you looked back until you find yourself turning to follow, into his oscillator bog, synthvines shooting up into flowers that only bloom in total darkness.

Wobbly & Professor Cantaloupe
Deep calling unto deep, two giant squid tangle in the watery dark, Mitchell Brown (aka Professor Cantaloupe) sometimes focuses his inky eye on the material world, the rest of the time a weather system roils within his mantle, leaking into our world as waveforms. An LA native, he's the first phone call for electronic music luminaries whose amazing conversations and live performances air on KXLU and Dublab radio, while his Melon Expander record label reveals album length works including Brain Sucking Peananners, Brown's professional collaborations with developmentally disabled children. No Kraken has as many tentacles as Wobbly has collaborators, from his role with Negativland and Over the Edge radio to his recordings with Dieter Moebius, Tim Story, Blevin Blectum, Tom Dimuzio and tonight thee Mitchell Brown!

Cost: $5