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Wed, Apr 19 2017 9:00 PM

Reconnaissance Fly + the Actual Trio

Progressive rock and original mind-altering jazz!

Reconnaissance Fly is a band of goofball composers and superhero sidemen creating prog rock nerd jazz outside the recommended cheese.

The five members of Reconnaissance Fly are Brett Carson on keyboards; Rich Lesnik playing clarinet, bass clarinet, and soprano and tenor saxophones; Polly Moller with voice, flutes and guitar; Larry the O on the drums, and Tim Walters on bass guitar and electronics. Their new EP, Off By One, captures the band in an introspective mode with two completely instrumental tracks, and lyrics from Linear A inscriptions, poetry by Siegfried Sassoon, and a spam-ified concert review.

John Schott
Dan Seamans
John Hanes
Debut CD: Actual Trio (Tzadik 4011)
Produced by Hans Wendl (Bill Frisell, Don Byron, Charlie Haden)
“The musicians fuse blissful movements with soul-blues inferences and roomy arrangements, often touched with searching attributes and the leader's funky breakouts.” –AllAboutJazz
“This is one of the most engaging, and humorous, guitar recordings I’ve run into all year. Seek this one out.” - Cadence
“With a bright and bold, slightly twangy sound, Schott grazes rock, blues, Thelonious Monk and James “Blood” Ulmer with lithe, original, single-note lines full of swing, surprise and humor. If you like swinging jazz guitar with zany, eccentric bent, see this threesome.” –Paul de Barros, Seattle Times
Audio samples in which musicians at this event play: