Serving the San Francisco Bay Area New Music Community

Thu, Aug 10 2017 8:00 PM

8pm Theo Padouvas cornet, Cory Wright clarinet
9pm Gabriella Yi Wen (guqin & computer)
Nina Lavelle (cello)
J. Juliet Weight (violin)

Gabriella Yi Wen (1995 -) a.k.a 「istigkeit」is a multi-instrumental improviser/composer and multimedia artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been working with guqin (Chinese 7-string zither), bass, piano, synthesizer, computer, homemade electronics, and field recordings to create sounds. Originally from Shenzhen, China, she moved to the Bay Area at age of 14 and studied abroad in France during college, her artistic visions are shaped by a wide range of cultural perspectives. The Fluxus movement has been her greatest inspiration. Her musical influences include post-war musique concrète, free jazz, ancient Chinese music, Buddhist chants, Beijing and Cantonese Opera. She studied at Mills College under instructions of James Fei, Maggi Payne, Chris Brown and John Bischoff. She also studies guqin with the 13th generation successor of Guangling School of Guqin (廣陵派), experimental artist Shen Piji. Inspired by her spiritual guidance in Tibetan Buddhism, her works are usually created in a meditative state and are improvisation-based. She explores the body-mind connection with her instruments during performances, as well as the ways of sound manipulation using extended techniques, codes and hardwares.

Nina Lavelle began playing cello at age 12. She practiced solely classical music up until 2011, while she was studying at Cabrillo College. She began branching out to include improvisation and learning to feel comfortable playing with many instruments in many genres. In 2014, she began her studies at Mills as an English Major, later moving on to the Ethnic Studies department and finally landing on Music with an emphasis on electronic composition. Still passionate about all the aforementioned subjects and more, she hopes to use her voice through music to encompass and reflect all the things that inspire her.

Juliet Weight (1993-) is a student at Mills college, studying electronic music composition. Her instruments include Violin, Piano, Voice, and some electronics. She was classically trained from a young age, but has branched into contemporary and experimental music. She is an instrumental improviser, a composer, and sound technician. Juliet is focusing her studies on working with sound in recording studios as a mixer, and recording sound engineer. Outside of the recording studio, Juliet plays in small ensembles of classical and experimental music. Juliet has also worked with other art mediums such as video, installation, photography, and sound. Juliet takes inspiration from the world around her, pulling inspiration from every-day sounds. Her compositions often include common sounds mixed with instrumental sounds, creating cinematic soundscapes.

Cost: $6-15 sliding
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