Serving the San Francisco Bay Area New Music Community

Sun, May 14 2017 12:00 PM

In this KFJC Month of Mayhem special, we will take a look back at the life and work of Bay Area Don Buchla, who passed away in 2016. Throughout his career, Don made important contributions to the development of electronic music, from sound synthesis - with his groundbreaking series of modular synthesizers in the early 1960s - to sound control - with his more recent inventions, the Marimba Lumina and the Lightning. Learn about the technical aspects of Don’s designs, and listen to works - both iconic and lesser-known - from musicians who have worked with his instruments.

We will be joined by special guests: Joel Davel, who worked alongside Don for over 25 years, percussionist Mark Goldstein, who collaborated with Don on the Lightning, and musician Thomas Dimuzio, who will give a demonstration on his Buchla 200e synthesizer.