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Mon, May 22 2017 9:00 PM

Studio Grand
3234 Grand Ave, Oakland
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Oakland Freedom Jazz Society: Djll-Ingalls-Perkis-Walton Quartet + Nathan Clevenger Group

Djll-Ingalls-Perkis-Walton Quartet

Tom Djll: Trumpet
Matt Ingalls: Clarinet
Tim Perkis: Electronics
Scott Walton: Bass

Nathan Clevenger Group

Nathan Clevenger Group, with Tim DeCillis, Kasey Knudsen, Rachel Condry, Cory Wright, Lisa Mezzacappa, Jason Levis, John Arkin, and esteemed composer and band leader Nathan Clevenger.
Audio samples in which musicians at this event play:
Videos featuring musicians playing at this event
avantNOIR, a suite of compositions for jazz quartet plus guests, is a musical companion to the crime novels of Dashiell Hammett and Paul Auster. All music by Lisa Mezzacappa.
Tender Buttons at Second Act, SF, 2016; live video processing by Bill Thibault