Serving the San Francisco Bay Area New Music Community

Wed, May 17 2017 6:00 PM

Prelinger Library
301 8th Street, Room 215, San Francisco, CA.

MUSIC RESEARCH STRATEGIES presents Indexical Moment/um, a hybrid, "performing-ethnomusicology" series featuring Black Creative Musicians translating Improvisation with Music Research Strategies founder and Prelinger Library researcher-in-residence Marshall Trammell.

On Wednesday, May 17 at 6p, electronic musician, poet and scholar Jeramy Decristo and percussionist Marshall R. Trammell perform duos exploring the dialogic formations of creative momentum in the rich setting of the Prelinger Library. Mr. DeCristo's research includes his articles “Black Sounds and their Fugitive Lives in Capture” and “Blackness and the Writing of Sound in Modernity” and the sound installations: "black_music_is_repetition" and "Document/In the Hold."

Audiences are welcomed for vegan donuts & tea, and assist with documenting the event with their personal hand-held devices and sending images and video to or to We are much obliged for your support.

We greatly appreciate any donations for the artists and documentation of future events concluding in March 2018.

The library is not visible from the street! From the intercom at 301 8th street, enter 016 to be buzzed in. Instructions for access are also on the intercom. Limited space is available. Wheelchair accessible. Please RSVP via Space is limited. Prelinger Library is located at 301 8th Street, Room 215, San Francisco, CA.
Free Admission