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Wed, Jun 14 2017 7:45 PM

The Peacock Lounge
552 Haight St SF, CA
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Man vs Nature
The sea slug could reproduce asexually yet chooses to hump another so that it can chew off its own penis and die immediately after coitus. Such is "Nature" now come see "Man" best all that as Gorpy Engledonkle and Domokos Benczedi (Future Blondes, Rusted Shut, Black Leather Jesus) chew on sound.

Foot SOS
Ancients figured their future as the work of The Fates, three sisters: one spinning the thread, another measuring their days, the third cutting them off. Three thousand years along, time is spun from electrons, measured in oscillations, and cut into waves by the no less mysterious triad of Foot SOS: Theresa Currie (Szamanka), Dianne Lynn (Nurse Betty/Homoglochini) and Angela Roberts (Cruel Work, editor of the zine Supertrooper) weaving destiny from the heart of the Peacock for any who will hear.

chirps and flap
sound-types smack smack smack smack
reductive antireason peepshow draws to a close

Microwave Windows
The world's wavelengths crash through the tiniest apertures: pitch dark pupils, hairpin earholes, neuralcanals flooding with infinitesimal heat the converge to inundate that turkey tetrazini steaming in your skull, but never evenly. For twenty years, Brandon Wave has been focusing the surge by focusing the world, steering field recordings into minimal electronics he positions precisely to flood every hole you got.

Cost: $5