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Mon, Sep 4 2017 9:30 PM

Studio Grand
3234 Grand Ave, Oakland
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OFJS: MKAT Ensemble + Jamieson/Peoples Duo - Ancestors Groan

Join us for the next installment of Oakland Freedom Jazz Society! Our weekly Monday night live music series!

Join us on September 4th at Studio Grand with:

-Kersti Abrams: alto sax, flute and mqrunah. (Based in SF and has been performing in recent years with Cartoon Justice/Voi Maa.)
-Thomas Harrison Jr.: electric bass.
-Andrew Joron: theremin (He is also active as a poet and science-fiction writer.)
-Mark Pino: drums and electronics (Active in the SF Bay Area music scene, Mark loves to play within interactive, dynamic bands.)

An improvising Electro-Acoustic group made up of theremin, electric bass, woodwinds, and percussion. The sound is made from a collective desire to listen and respond to each others' sounds appropriately within a given space. The Object is Music.

MKAT's original outing, when they were billed as "Cosmists," can be heard here.//

Andrew Jamieson + CHARLES PEOPLES III Duo
Andrew Jamieson - Piano
Charles Peoples III - Voice

"They Wail.
They Scream.
They Cry Out.
For what we do is felt in the bones of those who have come before us."

In the Ancestor's Groan, we use long form improvisation to honor the voices of our ancestors and listen to their cries for freedom and justice. We also invite the audience/spectators to vocalize the messages of their ancestors.

"Let Them Speak.
Let Us Listen."

Here's a sample:

Doors 9:00PM / Show 9:30PM

$7 - $15 Suggested Donation