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Sun, Oct 8 2017 6:30 PM

Prelinger Library
301 8th St Ste 215 San Francisco, CA

Rivero/Heule/Trammell: Simultaneous Multi-Dimensionality

Danishta Rivero (Voicehandler, Las Sucias) & Jacob Felix Heule (Voicehandler, Sult) perform "Simultaneous Multi-Dimensionality" with Marshall Trammell at Prelinger Library.

Doors @ 6p
Performance @ 6:30-8:15p

*Dial for for entrance
(415) 252-8166

"Simultaneous Multi-Dimensionality" is a composition form celebrating "collective processes of inquiry and skill sharing that prioritizes the process of arriving at a shared analysis and agreed upon plan of action." The form is part of Trammell's arsenal of performing Political Education, Research & Ethnomusicology. Across the threshold of the bandstand, it deploys a semiotic foundation for 'differential movement' & 'democratics.'

Indexical Moment/um is on-going research event at Prelinger Library designed and curated by Archivissionist, Marshall Trammell.

Wheel-chair accessible.
Donations accepted and deeply appreciated.
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