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Sun, Aug 19 2018 7:30 PM

7:30pm Pikuva Sielu
John Vaughn - saxophones/Robert Kuhlmann - guitars/Mark Pino - percussions
8:30pm Noertker's Moxie
performs Tricycle, part 3: Leonora
Annelise Zamula - alto sax, flute/Josh Marshall - tenor sax/Bill Noertker - contrabass/Dave Mihaly - drums

Pikuva Sielu came together somewhat haphazardly in Spring of 2018, the result of John Vaughn needing a rhythm section for a trio gig. This new trio consists of Vaughn on woodwinds, Robert Kuhlmann on electric bass, and Mark Pino on drums.

John Vaughn has been involved with the Northern California improvised music community for nearly 20 years. Founding member of COMA, John continues to play in various ensembles and in a wide variety of settings.

Robert Kuhlman was-Born in Nebraska in 1954 and headed West to see the ocean. He inadvertently saw the Beatles on the original Jack Parr show late one night when he woke up to get some water. It was the Black and White film clip from the original Cavern Club in Liverpool. That was it. What ever those guys had goin’ on was what Robert started to pursue. After landing a scholarship to College, Kuhlmann moved to the East Bay to attend what was then called California College of Arts and Crafts. It was here that Kuhlmann was introduced to Ornette Coleman. This was a pivotal meeting. Robert pursued the “Free Jazz” genre and practiced and learned theory and jazz harmony.

Mark Pino has been playing drums in public since the early 1990’s. Mark considers himself a band player, and loves the interaction that comes from playing in creative band situations.

Moxie will be performing part three of Bill Noertker's Tricycle, a musical travel diary recounting his recent journeys in the UK and Mexico. Part three reflects on the circular nature of time as seen through the prism of his repeated encounters with the work of Leonora Carrington in London, Mexico City, and San Francisco.
Audio samples in which musicians at this event play: