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Wed, Dec 13 2017 9:30 PM

Ivy Room
860 San Pablo Ave Albany
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Ivy Room Improv/ Experimental Hootenanny with Dirty Snacks Ensemble

Oakland-based vibraphonist/composer Mark Clifford kicks off a three-month mini-residency featuring his Dirty Snacks Ensemble. In composing for the ensemble, Clifford pays homage to his many musical influences which run the gamut from Kool Keith to Bela Bartok, and finds the balance among long form compositional structures, free improvisation, and short ditties while still maintaining musical freedom for his immensely talented ensemble. Speaking of which, the line-up for this show includes:

Mark Clifford – Vibraphone, composition, electronics
Andrew Maguire – Drums
Bob Ladue – Percussion and guitar
Crystal Pascucci – cello
John McCowen – Clarinet
Scott Brown – Bass
Patrick Roth – Vocals and percussion
Steve Blum – Keyboard

The Dirty Snacks Ensemble released their first full length record Tidy Universe (Recollect Records) in June of 2016, and will be releasing a follow up album of rarities and basement recordings, Another Man’s Treasure.