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Tue, Dec 5 2017 8:00 PM

The Mills College Music Department and the Center for Contemporary Music present

MUS 291 Composition Seminar
Steed Cowart, Instructor

Tuesday, December 5, 2017 8:00 pm
Littlefield Concert Hall

A program of new compositions created during the Fall 2017 Composition Seminar at Mills College (MUS 291). The works range from solo to octet, and for combinations of acoustic instruments, voices, and electronics. The compositions cover a wide variety of styles as individual as the composers who made them.

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Free and open to the public

Wheelchair accessible
Free parking on campus

Mills College
5000 MacArthur Blvd
Oakland, CA 94613


The program includes:

John Ivers
Lee Hodel, Double Bass

Maria Siino
Expansion Piece
Ricky Crews (flute)
John Ivers (clarinet)
Jess Tambelini (trumpet)
Danny Barboza (percussion)
Feona Lee Jones (piano)
Kevin Robinson (saxophone)
Lee Hodel (bass)

Feona Lee Jones
Quartet (Open Score) "Introduction"
Ricki Crews (flute)
John Ivers (clarinet)
Jess Tambellini (trumpet)
Kevin Robinson (bass clarinet)

Gina Bonati
Black Paint Cantata
Lee Hodel - contrabass
Dylan Burchett - electronics
Alyssa Quiogue - violin
Jess Tambellini - trumpet
Breonna Taylor - voice
Rodolfo Cordova-Lebron - voice
Feona Lee Jones - voice
Gina Bonati - voice

Kevin Robinson
Lost in a Grain of Sand
Lee Hodel - Acoustic Bass
Feona Lee Jones – Piano
Kevin Robinson Tenor Saxophone

Jess Tambellini
For Steve Martin
Lee Hodel - Acoustic Bass
Feona Lee Jones – Voice
Rodolfo Cordova-Lebron - Voice
Gina Bonati - Voice
Jess Tambellini - Voice

Rodolfo Córdova
Rodolfo Córdova - voice
Ricky Crews - flute
John Ivers - bass clarinet
Antonio Gennaro - vibraphone
Greg Kappes - piano
Marc Zollinger - electric guitar
Golnaz Shariatzadeh - violin
Tavya McCoy - viola
Lee Hodel - contrabass

Marc Zollinger
John Ivers-clarinet
Feona Lee Jones-Piano

Dylan Burchett
A Simultaneous Presentation of An Object in Six Perspectives
Gina Bonati - Voice
Lee Hodel - Double Bass
John Ivers - Clarinet
Kevin Robinson - Saxophone
Jess Tambelini - Trumpet and Electronics
Dylan Burchett - Electronics

Ricky Crews
This is Prophetic!
Ricky Crews, Flute
John Ivers, Clarinet
Feona Jones, Piano

Daniel Barboza
The End and Aftermath
Kevin Robinson: saxophone
Dylan Burchett: electronics

Nick Grieneisen
Jazz Cup
Dylan Burchett: electronics
John Ivers: clarinet
Ricky Crews: flute
Marc Zollinger: guitar

Lee Hodel
Hollow, Distended
Lee Hodel - Double Bass
Rodolfo Córdova - Voice
Antonio Gennaro – Percussion

Stasi Fomalgaut
Ricky Crews, flute
John Ivers, clarinet

Cost: Free