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Wed, Dec 20 2017 8:00 PM

Peacock Lounge
552 Haight

Michael Gendreau, Victoria Shen & Josh Thomas, Vankmen, Painting with Statue

Michael Gendreau
Where other kids saw buildings, Gendreau (Crawling With Tarts) saw speakers in need of proper inputs. Recording infrasonic vibrations of interior spaces, he would then sound the structure’s resonances as an additional instrument in his site-specific compositions. What he achieves is vibration beyond sound, to sense time and space abutted in their infinite dimension in a materialist darsana, where sentient bodies are resonantors sine qua non. Recently returned from performances in Taipei as audre (with Jorge Bachmann), Gendreau here kicks free of ensemble to work a heavy all modular darkness, no laptops and no beats, as he develops new compositions and new means to record them. Don't miss this chance to plumb the depths of structures within structures within forms within time.

Victoria Shen & Josh Thomas
Based now on the eastern seaboard, Shen was born in Oakland and grew up in San Francisco. Winter winds return her to the Peacock Lounge on December the 20th letting Santa eat her sonic video snow, choking his fake laughing ass on some real fumes of pop-culture absurdities, art history, and identity politics which fuel her machine. Shen's music employs analogue modular synthesizers, contact microphones, and other hand-built electronics. Her approach to music is sculptural in both shaping/texturing acoustics and designing sound objects themselves. Meanwhile, straight from the Toppo Brillo workbench piled with smouldering electrocuted elves, Josh Thomas brings out the chitty bang bang of modulars for a night not to be missed.

The plural of Vankmen is Vankmen, if it's been awhile since you seen double in Vankmenvision, don't miss this outing as both brothers, Sam and Victor, tap the core of all cores. Absolutely unreasonable and relentless, Vankmen splinter genres at the same rate they spawn beats, from crunkcore to moshpitmetalcore36mafia, breakcore and insanesampleheavyscreamcoreandrewwk. Oakland infinite speed core is intensely fast, extremely tight and infamously brutal. For godssake, stretch out first or else strap yourselves down.

Painting with Statue
Purported super trio of Ryan King, Marissa Magik, Jeff Hoffman, but more plausibly an unholy lurching golem comprised of throbbing light, disembodied baritone, and colored marble stood suddenly up from the muck to live among us. Some golem are tender, others murderous, unwrap with extreme care. At dark it may just be possible to stand near it.

Cost: $5