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Wed, Dec 13 2017 8:00 PM

SAFEhouse Arts
145 Eddy St Near Powell St BART, at Eddy and Mason.
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Twirl Me! is a performance/"party"cipation immersion/installation with dancers Hien Huynh, Kristen Rulifson, and Malia Byrne plus live music by Dillon Vado and his band, Never Weather.
This is a debut performance for Never Weather, expect to hear some inspired improvisations, and new music featuring...

Dillon Vado: drums, vibraphone, melodica
Tyler Harlow: bass
Justin Rock: guitar
Aaron Wolf: sax
Hannah Levy: vocals

Doors: 7:45
Show 8pm
BYOB: Bring Your Own Body and beverages for this performance and party at the brand new SAFEhouse Arts venue, 145 Eddy at Mason walking distance from Powell St. BART!

Cost: $10-20 donation, nobody turned away