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Sun, Dec 9 2018 7:30 PM

7:45 Solo Organ
Douglas Katelus - B3 Organ, pedals
Heavy free-form wall of sound organ
8:15 CK Lo/Rivero/Corcoran
Kevin CK Lo - prepared piano, Danishta Rivero - voice, Kevin Corcoran - drums

Douglas Katelus' (Wiggwaum, Nuclear Death Wish) SOLO ORGAN is precisely that, a solo Hammond Organ project that he's been doing since 2011.
The sound is somewhere between noise and blues all while attempting to pull some sort of drone out of the traditional rock and roll 4 chord structure. "Heavy long songs that are often dissonant but also lead towards almost melodic on occasion." Blast off!

Kevin CK Lo is a composer, choreographer, writer and artist living between Oakland and Melbourne, Australia. In his compositions for live performance and installation, he utilizes instruments, digital sound processing and generative programming environments to examine spatial and auditory sensitivities, topological structure and audience kinesthetic response while seeking to corrupt conventional compositional/performative/installative rationale.

Danishta Rivero is a musician and sound artist based in Oakland. She is a vocalist who performs on electronics and the Hydrophonium, a water-based electro-acoustic percussion instrument she created.
Rivero performs solo as well as with her electro-acoustic duo Voicehandler with percussionist Jacob Felix Heule. She is also half of Las Sucias, a feminist noise reggeat├│n duo with Alexandra Buschman.
Previous projects include Blood Wedding, a just intonation noise duo with Chuck Johnson.

Kevin Corcoran works with an open interest in sound as medium as it moves through contexts of art, music, ecology, and communication.
As a drummer and percussionist he is most interested in techniques which extend the sonic possibilities of the instrument emphasizing textural sound, sympathetic vibration, sustained tones without audible attack and the use of found objects.
As a field recordist he gathers sounds in urban and rural locations. These sonic environments are presented as encountered or edited and manipulated via tape or computer, displaced from their origins with an intent to create temporary, imagined acoustic places and are often combined with or serve as inspiration to his work with percussion.

Cost: sliding scale $10-20
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Danishta Rivero