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Wed, Jan 24 2018 7:45 PM

Shadow Revolutions
If blood is the shadowy umbrage of life, slipping in your own must be both dancing and dying, writhing and bathing, ears ringing with deafness, asleep with palms open ready to hit bottom in the technicolor splat of waking life. If you can keep it up, it's your finest dance move. Hit it like no one is watching, with eyes open brains blind and ears throbbing to the bleeding-hot new duo of Sharkiface & Fletcher Pratt.

Radio Healer
Seemingly ordinary semiotic systems, when observed, become irrational, inefficient, deceptive, and contradictory. Radio Healer performs inclusive re-imagined ceremonies during which the public is invited to reflect on human exigencies and dilemmas tied to obsolescence, acceleration, warfare, borders, hyper-surveillance, land use, cybernetics, market systems, historical amnesia, hi-velocity global multi-nodal networks, and the trans-mediated market valorization of human bodies. Tonight will feature members Cristobal & Meredith Martinez of this Xicana/o and Native American led collective founded in Phoenix.

Surabhi Saraf
If speeding your body slows time, slowing time may send you in stillness right past lightspeed. With a background in experimental sound and Indian classical music, Saraf is a master of deep explorations into folding, layering, stacking and smearing of qualia that still elude scientism. Beyond repetition of quanta, her newest work expands still further, finding human-ness through technological embodiment. Don't miss this moment, in the small space of The Bindery.

Jonathan Crawford & NOS Visuals
The performance debut of two master experimentalists, Jonathan Crawford & Osman Koç collaborating for the first time, drawn together by an aesthetic sensibility for the proximity of digital abstraction to the organic world. Crawford's sounds are cinematic, introspective, and plangent upon a digital substrate from which NOS Visuals (Osman Koç) is able to hinge his custom-built, generative, real-time, biomimetic visuals. What may arise from this multi-modal symbiosis of organic and digital? Bring body and mind to find out at its inception.

Cost: $5