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Wed, Feb 21 2018 8:00 PM

Peacock Lounge
552 Haight Street

Thomas Dimuzio, Deletist, Sarah Lockhart, Watkins/Peacock
Wed Feb 21, at The Peacock Lounge, 552 Haight St.
Doors 7:30pm, Bands 8pm-11pm $5 notaflof all-ages

Thomas Dimuzio
This is the wizard the land of Oz wished for, boundless, benemalevolent, shrouded in torrents of sound, daring lions to speak and machines to feel. Come set your straw brains alight to melt your metal heart as your furry ears purr and yowl. Innovative techniques of sound synthesis, signal processing, custom crossfade looping and algorithmic mixing fuel this synergy of man and machine. Since the 1980's he has performed and recorded with Fred Frith, David Lee Myers, Dan Burke, Due Process, 5UU'S, Matmos, and Negativland. Dimuzio also operates the Gench recording studio and record label where he's recently been busy mastering all those sci-fi and horror soundtracks for Waxwork Records!

Undiluted unblinking unlying music born of love and courage, everything about Deletist is genuine and full tilt. Her voice is her own, sonorous and singular and transmutable to any instrument she touches, or any vessle for that matter. Cutting a wood stove chimney into her ten foot truck, with room for that red piano from bleakhaus, a cello, an oboe, electronics, a bike, a canine and a bed, her home, her art and her heart blossomed as one. The Peacock Lounge makes the perfect point of return. When experimental and experiential combine, we have everything to learn. Come embrace and be embraced by the full spectrum antithesis of all things elitist. Read the feature on Tena in the new edition of Bay City Beacon!

Sarah Lockhart
She does more than open doors and book the most memorable and accessible art venues in the Bay Area from 21 Grand to LCM, The Lab, and Pro Arts. She is also a singularly strange and brilliant performer in her own right. Deadpanning familiar horrors of the human condition, she serves them up as forthright lo-fi songs reminiscent of Noh Mercy, her charm a sonic sort of whipped topping soothing the nose cut off to spite the face of the human race. Past projects include Sharon Tate Fetus Explosion, SL Morse, and Secretarial Pool. Lockhart has guested with nefarious amorphous groups: Zeek Sheck and Murder Murder.

The magical new duo of Zachary James Watkins and Ross Peacock conjures new possibilities of tone rhythm and light. Watkins is freshly returned from Carnegie freakin' Hall where Kronos Quartet performed his original composition, but there's no substitute for hearing him sound a space live and in person. Watkin's historic collaborations with artists Paul Clipson or Marshall Trammell (in Black Spirituals) should pique your keenest interest in this newest collaboration with vintage-spacesynth master Ross Peacock (Mwahaha, Clip'd Beaks). They do have a track UK label The Tapeworm's cassette compilation but that'll only leave you thirsty for more. Wear your finest tailored spongesuit and come soak it all up as it rains down inside the Peacock Lounge.

Cost: $5