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Thu, Apr 19 2018 7:00 PM

Michael Coleman and Ben Goldberg: CD Release Concert for PRACTITIONER


Michael Coleman and Ben Goldberg are happy to announce the release of their new record “PRACTITIONER.” This record, three years in the making, is based on Steve Lacy’s Hocus Pocus - Book ‘H’ of “Practitioners”.

Ben Goldberg SAYS:
“In 1985 I took a lesson from Steve Lacy. I was in Paris a lot and would go to the Sunset to hear Steve and politely beg for a lesson. Finally he relented, saying, ‘I have a soft spot for clarinetists.’ We spent the afternoon at his place on Rue du Temple and Steve prescribed some exercises for investigating the basic elements of music. At the end of our meeting he gave me a copy of a new record of his, called Hocus Pocus.”

“These pieces were written (‘83) for my own use, as exercises and studies for the saxophone. Deliberately made so as to be hard to play, they also contain many of the characteristic ‘licks’, which comprise the language that I use, in the the different kinds of improvisational musics that I perform in. Each piece is also a portrait of, and an homage to, a distinguished practitioner of a particular art.”

Since Steve was a baseball fan, each cd comes with a pack of 12 baseball cards depicting the artists to whom Lacy dedicated his pieces, along with the people who made the record happen, and of course Steve himself. Each card has a portrait by Molly Barker and an original poem by the likes of Dean Young, J. Kathleen White, Paul Muldoon, Heather de Guzman Gordon, Clark Coolidge, Molly Barker, SNEAL, Babs Gonzalez, Jake Marmer, and Jesse Rimler.

Michael Coleman & Ben Goldberg at the Maybeck
Thursday, April 19, 2018 at 7:00pm
This concert is $25 General Admission

Seating is limited.
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