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Wed, Mar 14 2018 7:45 PM

OMMO, Ctrl-Z, Madalyn Merkey, Minor Fluctuation and DJ Greedmink

Julie Moon & Adria Otte's OMMO began in 2014 as a platform to investigate the complexities and histories of the Korean diaspora and their places within it. The duo’s unique compositions may be experienced as evocative, atmospheric soundscapes which create an abstract yet fertile space for these investigations. Configurations of voice, analog and digital electronics, free and structured improvisations, as well as theater, ritual and song, may all be employed in the process.

Ryan Page, Nick Wang and Daniel Steffey specialize in the performance of scored music for live electronics. Each of them draws from crazy depths of experimentation, whether circuit-bending laserdisc players, crafting photography for shaky hands, or directing the actual freaking Royal Guard of Oman Drum Corps. Here collaborative freedom rises from a technical mastery born of mutual obsession with aesthetic esoterica. Tonight they most likely lead you out into the work of Sarah Belle Reid and Pauline Oliveros; ever finding your way back is of course up to you.

Madalyn Merkey
The open pace of Merkey's music seems organic, natural, alive so much so you may forget the oscillating highspeed circuits she employs behind the scenes to generate and shape that pace. When, within the weave of her sound there appears a warp of voice, an instrument you might expect to feel the most natural, instead it comes as a wondrously alien element the way the color green is both grass underfoot and UFO suspended ominously above. It's not enough to see and hear, Merkey's audience must smell and taste and touch and dream and laugh and remember and change. Merkey has performed solo computer music compositions at Yale Union, Issue Project Room, and Block Cinema, designed sound installations for Robert Irwin’s Central Garden at the Getty Center in Los Angeles, and now invites you to the excellent sound space inside The Bindery.

Minor Fluctuation
New tremulations from the multi-instrumental madman behind such projects as Ubzub, Black Goat, and Grains. Rob William's solo project, Minor Fluctuations, is his one way foray into the tangled connections between eurorack modules and the still stranger circuitry encased in skull. Come clip yourself in to discover what appearance alone may never tell: San Francisco's rarest treasures may be right in plain sight but until you tap in, open eyes remain blind.

Cost: $5