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Thu, Apr 19 2018 8:00 PM

8:00 pm Ypsmael
9:00 pm French Radio
Andy Way-turntable,mic,etc, Bruce Anderson-guitar,etc

French Radio is a Bay Area aggregation of sound projection facilitating urban fear as it’s power source to broadcast black utopian uncanniness to all devoted listeners. French Radio rejects the fascist conveyor belt of rhythm. Instead it embraces stasis and unimpeded movement. French Radio loves you.”
French Radio, a group improvisation/concrete unit along with Andrew Way (anti-turntables, efx, etc) and Bruce Anderson of MX-80 notoriety (guitars, efx, etc). The initial live French Radio performance was described as: "two turntables, a guitar, lots of effects, a bicycle wheel and a reel-to-reel deck conspiring to make something dirty, hypnotic, like the aftermath of a homicide spied through smudged and smashed windows." - S. Kalem, East Bay Express, 25-31 Dec. 2002

Ypsmael is an electroacoustic performance project originating in England in the late 2000s. Crafting textural washes of sound and live loops without a computer or presets of any kind, Ypsmael uses electronic and acoustic sound sources, sonic artifacts and audio detritus derived from an array of instruments, live electronics, bent and amplified objects and sometimes field recordings at the core of his compositional and improvisational approach. In over a hundred live appearances around Europe and across the Atlantic, Ypsmael has been collaborating with or performing solo in support of the late Dieter Moebius (Cluster), Damo Suzuki (Can), Simon Whetham, Nate Young & Mike Connelly (Wolf Eyes, Failing Lights), Seymour Wright (lll人), Raphael Ortis & Louis Schild (Leon), Simon Scott (Slowdive), TJ Borden, Valerie Kuehne, Jack Wright, Steve Norton, Crank Sturgeon, I’d M Thfft Able, Christian Kobi, Ryan Jordan, Alexander Tucker, Pimmon, Mike Shiflet, John Chantler, Olivier Dumont & Rodolphe Loubatière, Circuit des Yeux, Ben Bennett, Franziska Baumann, Adam Parkinson, Emptyset, Hackacomb and many more.

Ypsmael - Rhombus from Ypsmael on Vimeo.

Cost: $8-15 sliding