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Thu, Jul 19 2018 8:00 PM

8:15 pm Chamberlain Zhang
8:50 pm Cruel Diagonals - Megan Mitchell
9:30 pm rEEk

Cruel Diagonals is an outlet for destructive sample processing, vocal exploration, and a palette for inter-media contemplations and applications. Selected performance credits to date include sets at Corridor Festival and Debacle Festival, as well as a live set opener for Pharmakon and Pod Blotz, and DJ sets for Holly Herndon, Shifted, and Elysia Crampton. Influenced by early experimental filmmakers such as Luis Buñuel and Maya Deren, Cruel Diagonals has been described in cinematic terms, evoking moods and montages of an eerie, surrealist timbre. Warped field recordings and layered vocals incite a beckoning to a phantasmagorical, metallic-tinged state of existence.

rEEk is a Seattle based electronic musician and instrumentalist; performances are often a synthesis of harsh ebm / power electronics, field recordings and improvised rhythms. This tour showcases work exploring the clarinet as sonic medium: electroacoustic free improv and caustic drones in a fit of haphazard uncertainty.

Chamberlain Zhan is a Chinese electronic musician, dj, improviser, poet and sound artist.
Coming from a background of experimental techno dj, he tells stories by manipulating sounds while performing and composing.
He is interested in exploring new possibilities in sounds, and new ways to experience sounds: music through sonic meditation, improvisation, composition, installation, electro- acoustic, and collaboration. For Chamberlain, space and future inspires drive and creativity.
Chamberlain’s music and poetry are highly based on the idea of transcendence, using sounds to describe things that are larger, approaching something, leaving something, being mentally affected by something, imagining and creating those and other scenarios. He explores sounds integrated with movement and spatiality, producing sonic architecture that remains.

Cost: $8-15 sliding