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Sat, Oct 20 2018 4:00 PM

SFCMP Performances on STAGE Series
Carter and Beyond: Invention and Inspiration

4:00pm-5:15pm How Music is Made Program: Open dress rehearsal of “New Work” by Chodos followed by a composer talk hosted by Eric Dudley
6:45pm Pre-concert discussion with SFCMP Players
7:30pm Concert

For our season-opening concert, we offer a special celebration of the music of Elliott Carter. Our "on STAGE Series" features large-ensemble contemporary classical works of the most influential and innovative composers of the 20th and 21st centuries. Carter was the grandest of the grand American composers from the 20th century, who lived beyond his 100th birthday and yet wrote music that was fresh, inventive, and forward-looking to the very end of life. We welcome our newly arrived artistic director, Eric Dudley, with a program featuring three of Carter’s works, including the rhythmically energetic and emotionally powerful "Penthode" for twenty players. Complementing Carter’s enduring voice will be a wry work by the young American composer, Tobin CHODOS, written for an instrumentation uniquely drawn from Carter’s "Penthode," plus Canadian composer Sabrina SCHROEDER’s "Bone Games/Shy Garden," an essay in the sensuality of noises. The series will begin with our popular How Music is Made Composer Talk and Open Rehearsal with composer Tobin Chodos.

Elliott Carter, "A6 Letter Letter" (1996)
for english horn

Elliott Carter, "Changes" (1983)
for guitar

Sabrina Schroeder, "Bone Games/Shy Garden" (2016) (12’) (USP)
flute, clarinet, bassoon, horn, percussion, piano, two violins, viola, cello + electronics

Tobin Chodos, "New Work" / Elliott Carter-inspired (2018) (SFCMP Commission, world premiere)
flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn

Elliott Carter, "Penthode" (1985)
for five groups of four instrumentalists perc-hp-pno-

Cost: $35.00