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Thu, Sep 20 2018 8:00 PM

8:15 pm How Are You Feeling Project
Hugh Behm-Steinberg, Anna Avery, Mary Behm-Steinberg, Chris Christensen, alex cruse, Kevin Droese, Lenny Gonzalez, Kevin CK Lo, and Angela Roberts
9:00 pm Cartoon Justice
Kersti Abrams - sax/North-African reeds/mbira, Mika Pontecorvo - guitar/electronics/flute/percussion/voice, Mark
Pino - drums/percussion, Elijah Pontecorvo - bass/piano
guest Lenny Gonzalez - electric cello

Using recordings of people reminiscing on health, both gains and losses, as a base, and then incorporating live improvised music, the How Are You Feeling Project aims to make sound where a person can sit down, feel held. To use the semantics of spoken language to pin down the corner of a flapping tent. To use the openness of sound to ventilate the spaces where they perform.
Anna Avery is a poet and musician living in Oakland whose work combines melodic drone and noise poetry that grapples with the day-to-day life of working in the shadow of debt and environmental apocalypse. Their work has been featured in Be About It, 580 Split, and Bombay Gin magazine.
Using a digital turntable and various pedals, Hugh Behm-Steinberg breaks spoken language down to abstract sound elements, which are then improvised into musical textures and narrative passages. A member of Oa, his work can be found here:
Mary Behm-Steinberg is a classically trained piano and French horn player who has been a member of the Crank Ensemble, provided vocal material for Oa, and been a guest DJ on an experimental pirate radio show. She is an artist and polyglot who enjoys communicating in the most bizarre way possible.
Chris Christensen creates electronic music using analog electronics and classic tape studio techniques. He is on Soundcloud at:
alex cruse is an Oakland-based writer, artist, and educator, whose work synthesizes the disciplines of poetry, video, installation, and new media. She is interested in systems of governmentality/surveillance as social modalities; technology’s capacity to both build and dismantle informational and linguistic structures, and the politics of representation produced therein.
Known primarily as a photographer and video maker, Lenny Gonzalez has maintained a regular free improv practice over the past 5 years. Mostly self-taught on guitar and cello, Lenny explores the potential tension between pitch and noise, intervals vs texture, refinement vs punk. These days his instrument of choice is the electric baritone guitar played with various effects and extended techniques.

Cartoon Justice takes its name as a protest of America's continuing abridgment of Justice and the current usurpation of the democratic process in America...
They move in many directions at once musically...current efforts include, sub-projects both live and recording based on their Harmolodic meets Psychedelic approach to Punk Jazz, Experimental Abstract Percussion/Electronics ensemble works (Broken Whole and Gome No Sensei) with collaborators in San Francisco, Philly, and NYC. And are preparing for a 2019 Tour based on their Experimental Folk Metal Improv backgrounds...

Cost: $8-15 sliding