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Sat, Sep 15 2018 1:00 PM

Castro Theatre
429 Castro St San Francisco, California

The San Francisco Silent Film Festival presents Club Foot Orchestra's GREATEST HITS. 1 PM - BUSTER & FELIX; 3:15 - CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI; 6:00 - METROPOLIS; 9:30 - NOSFERATU. The 10 piece ensemble of some of the best San Francisco musicians, performs their scores to classic silent films. "This is music that bubbles up from the intersection of aesthetics and the id" - The New Yorker.

Beth Custer, Clarinets; Sheldon Brown, Woodwinds; Chris Grady, Trumpet; Richard Marriott, Winds; Gino Robair, Percussion; Will Bernard, Guitar; Kymry Esainko, Keyboard; Alisa Rose, Violin; Sascha Jacobsen, Contrabass; Deirdre McClure, Conductor.
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Gino Robair and John Butcher, 2008