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Sat, Oct 20 2018 8:00 PM

Studio 210
3435 Cesar Chavez (between Mission and Valencia, SF)

Tom Nunn (skatchmeister) is joined by dancer Christina Braun and conceptual clothing artist Ilan Reuben to present “Skatchdance!”, a collection of three multimedia pieces. “Vector Variations” is a study in direction (vector) both for the dance and skatch. The dancer moves along a V-shaped path, articulating four different “forces” – gravity, emotion, language and idea – while the musician plays variations on a sequence of 17 specific vectors across the face of the Skatchplate. “Roundabout” features the newest skatch instrument, the Skatchplatter, utilizing a turntable much like a DJ, while the dancer moves about a circle with circular motions and gestures. “Proximity” articulates a varying relationship between dancer and musician depending on physical proximity; the closer, the more specific the interaction.

Christina and Ilan bring a distinct character to the noise universe of skatch. Not only through movement and gesture, but also through facial expression, Christina adds a “humanness” that exploits the dramatic nature of skatch. And through his work with experimental clothing using plastic laminate and other materials, Ilan places this world of sound and motion into an alien environment of light and color that removes all vestige of the “normal.”
Christina Braun is a lifelong dancer and prolific choreographer who has worked with Tom Nunn for several years, performing at New Music festivals and venues. Christina's choreographic work has been recently presented by the LAB, the Oakland Museum of California and the Asian Art Museum. As SF Butoh LAB, Christina has produced Butoh dance symposia, performances, and workshops.
San Francisco-based artist Ilan Reuben explores the interrelationship between body, clothing, and fashion. His concept design pieces, video, and performance work can be viewed at

Saturday, October 20th, 8:00 p.m. Studio 210 (3435 Cesar Chavez, between Mission & Valencia, SF). $20 (NOTA).

Cost: $20 (NOTA)
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