Serving the San Francisco Bay Area New Music Community

Mon, Oct 29 2018 7:30 PM

SIDEBAND is an electroacoustic ensemble, comprised of composer-performers dedicated to exploring the potential of the laptop orchestra. Sideband’s Songlines performance will feature existing repertoire from their first album, the Sideband Chronicles, alongside premieres of new works using nontraditional controllers, wireless networking, graphic and text scores, video, and more.

Praised by the New York Times for offering “a paradoxically visceral, endlessly engaging program of inventive pieces,” Sideband showcases instruments and compositions that utilize the unique capacities of electronic ensembles. Through the use of individual speakers, Sideband turns each member into a discrete sound source, recovering the acoustic presence of multiple instruments from the normally flattened world of electronic music. Ranging from solos and duos to sextets and beyond, Sideband is an evolving project that inspires composers, performers and audience members to reevaluate the role of computers in music. As the professional offshoot of the Princeton Laptop Orchestra (“PLOrk,” formed in 2005 as a test lab for new methods of electronic and ensemble music-making), Sideband developed its identity as an ensemble with a sustained membership and repertoire. Sideband has enjoyed residencies and offered workshops at Yale University, Google NYC, The San Francisco Conservatory of Music, the Center for Communications Research, and many other schools and venues.

Cost: Free