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Thu, Dec 6 2018 8:00 PM

Power Ambience, Experimental Electronics, Noise, introspective experimental electronics, and Power Intellectualism in a controlled setting!
8:00 pm War Hippy
8:30 Thomas Dimuzio
9:00 pm Names
9:30 pm Gerritt Wittmer

War Hippy is a Noise duo based out of Los Angeles consisting of Cole Miller (Vortal Curb/Human Hands/Laco$te) and Jess Coble (The Zero Collective/Island of Misfit Toys/NovaHead vs ChickenTron) War

Focusing on the moment of inspired creation amidst the rubble; following the destruction/decimation of all you have held dear

Gerritt Wittmer is a sound and performance artist based in Houston, Texas. His work often articulates abstract narratives through vocal expression, body performance, and intense theatrical lighting. He has performed and recorded as Gerritt, Ginnungagap (with Stephen O'Malley and Tim Wyskida), Deathroes (with Sixes), and has performed and/or collaborated on projects with Sunn O))), Sissy Spacek, John Wiese, and Paul Knowles. He also directs the publishing house Misanthropic Agenda.

Cost: $8-15 sliding