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Thu, Feb 28 2019 8:00 PM

8:15 pm Pex/Hodel
Jakob Pek - guitar, Lee Hodel - acoustic bass
Far out explorations exploring just intonation, deep listening, sound as music as art, and noise
8:50 pm Sandy Ewen - prepared guitar
9:25 pm Millevoi/Orcutt duo
Nick Millevoi - guitar, Bill Orcutt - guitar
First time improv with guitarists Nick Millevoi and Bill Orcutt

Nick Millevoi is a guitarist and composer whose music searches for the sonic cracks between jazz, rock and roll, noise, and modern composition. His band, Desertion Trio, featuring bassist Johnny DeBlase and drummer Kevin Shea, takes on the history of instrumental electric guitar music and throws it in a blender. Noisey describes Desertion Trio as “Supremely weird desert noir,” and NPR Music said the band’s debut “hits the sweet spot between Neil Young's exploratory Crazy Horse jams and a spaghetti western soundtrack.” NPR Music says, “When Nick Millevoi plays the guitar, it's like a rocket darting skyward between clouds.”

Bill Orcutt has been on the road regularly ever since, releasing a string of solo albums on his own Palilalia imprint alongside collaborations with drummers Chris Corsano and Jacob Felix Heule, cellist Okkyung Lee, guitarist Bill Nace, Hayley Fohr of Circuit des Yeux, and Brazilian trio Chinese Cookie Poets. In 2012 he picked up the electric guitar once again, resulting in 2017’s Bill Orcutt, his first solo electric studio album. The self-titled session features serrated, howling, spacious explorations of familiar tunes from Ornette Coleman’s “Lonely Woman” to “When You Wish Upon a Star” and “Over the Rainbow.”

Sandy Ewen is an experimental guitarist, artist and architect who has recently relocated to NYC from Houston, TX. She has two new duo albums, one with percussionist Weasel Walter and the other with guitarist Chase Gardner on Marginal Frequencies. She has an upcoming solo LP on Gilgongo Records, and a forthcoming Astral Spirits cassette with percussionist Lisa Cameron. In years past, Ewen has performed alongside Roscoe Mitchell, Keith Rowe, Lydia Lunch and many others, and has performed and recorded with Jaap Blonk, Henry Kaiser and Weasel Walter. Ewen's approach to playing is centered around found objects and extended guitar techniques.

Jakob Pek is a multi-instrumentalist versed in free improvisation who is deeply fascinated with the idea of "sound as music." His work has been described as "trans-historical," and "trans-continential."
Lee Hodel is a bassist and composer originally from Brazil. His work explores just intonation, alternate tuning systems and unorthodox notation systems.

Cost: $8-$15 sliding scale