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Sun, Dec 9 2018 7:30 PM

Tom's Place
3111 Deakin Street Berkeley
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On Sunday, December 9 at 7:30pm, Tom's Place presents

(Henrik Nørstebø, trombone,
Audrey Chen, voice and electronics)

Gino Robair (prepared piano, etc.)

BEAM SPLITTER is an international duo for amplified voice, trombone and occasional analog electronics. The duo joins together two individual voices into a distinct dialog that delves beyond the borders of the corporeal elements of extended technique and sound. They have an intimacy and conflict that becomes evident as the two personas intertwine, in moments joining together seamlessly and in the next, being left with the feeling of irrevocable fracture. The two manage between these extremes with a kind of improvised grace that reveals an effort towards a common goal. It is an honest metaphor for a human relationship in process that even in the most serene moments can leave one raw and entirely exposed.

BEAM SPLITTER's debut album "Rough tongue" was released to rave reviews in late 2017.

Opening the show will be Gino Robair, playing solo prepared piano and ancillary devices. Robair is writing a book about the history and practice of prepared piano. Most recently he produced a well-received recording of John Cage's "Electronic Music for Piano" performed by Tania Chen with Thurston Moore, David Toop and Jon Leidecker, released on Omnivore Records.

December 9 will be the day after the proprieter's birthday, so there will most likely be leftover cake. First come, first served!

Tom's Place
3111 Deakin Street, Berkeley CA

Admission: donation. All proceeds go directly to the musicians.
Doors open at 7:00. Wheelchair accessible.

Cost: free -- donations accepted.
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Gino Robair and John Butcher, 2008