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Fri, Dec 14 2018 9:00 PM

Oakland Metro Operahouse
522 2nd Street, Oakland, California 94607

Merzbow, Prurient, Kelly Moran in Oakland

Black Editions and Hospital Productions in conjunction with Bodyshock are proud to present two of the most iconic artists to have shaped the world of underground music in the last 40 years:

There are few artists that are synonymous with an entire musical genre and movement- Merzbow is one of them. Since emerging in late 1970's Tokyo, Merzbow ie. Masami Akita has pioneered what would soon become known as Noise Music. He has ceaselessly explored the extreme limits of sound - completely disassembling the language of the avant-garde, abstract electronics / synthesizers, free jazz, drone, rock, sound / tape collage, psychedelia and anything else in his path. In the process Merzbow's body of work has been vast and kaleidoscopic; with over 400 releases his catalog is unmatched in the history of recorded music. His numerous collaborations and performances have spanned the globe and in the process influenced and helped lay the groundwork for much of today's vast underground of sound artists. Even as he has shifted and evolved through the decades, Merzbow's sound has always been unmistakable and uncompromising.

Celebrating twenty years running the Hospital Productions label Dominick Fernow remains among the most vital and dedicated performers in underground music. Games for adults.


KELLY MORAN is a composer and pianist from Long Island, NY. Her 2017 LP, Bloodroot, received universal acclaim, garnering glowing reviews from The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, and was included on countless year-end lists across classical, experimental, avant-garde, and metal genres.

She is a frequent collaborator of Oneohtrix Point Never, playing in his MYRIAD ensemble, while also having previously composed alongside fellow pianist and long-term John Cage collaborator Margaret Leng-Tan (confirming Moran’s direct connection to the New York scene), the Manhattan Choral Ensemble, and the esteemed percussion quartet Yarn/Wire.

Her newest LP and Warp Records debut, Ultraviolet, sees her continue to flesh out her sonic vision, an album based around compositions for prepared piano but one that also plays to a wider, more arresting array of stylistic influences: dazzling inflections of jazz and dream pop, neoclassical and black metal, darkness and light, encapsulated in a single, mystifying LP.

Ultraviolet is out November 2nd, 2018.

$20 advance
$25 door