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Fri, Feb 1 2019 8:00 PM

August Hall
420 Mason St, San Francisco, CA 94102


Intimate and up-close, FURY features original live music by indie-pop group YASSOU and string composer Kristina Dutton, choreography by Danielle Rowe, and immersive visuals by lighting designers Michael Straun, Luke Acret, and Brandon McFarland.

YASSOU’s mood-driven score leads the way for seven extraordinary dancers: Alonzo King LINES Ballet dancers Adji Cissoko, Babatunji, and Michael Montgomery, and guest artists Brett Conway, Britt Juleen, Katerina Eng, and Ramona Kelley. The dancers share the stage with the musicians, portraying characters fighting for survival in a journey that moves between driving intensity and tender intimacy. The audience surrounds the stage, fully immersed into the artistry.

FURY is produced by filmmaker Kate Duhamel. A longtime dance fan and supporter, Duhamel was interested in creating something multi-faceted and unconventional, and in introducing ballet to a new audience, who may not otherwise think it is for them. The first shows in September 2018 featured dancers from San Francisco Ballet and Alonzo King LINES Ballet and took place at the Midway in San Francisco. Those shows sold out - and future plans to tour FURY throughout the US are in the works.

Tickets are $35. VIP tickets cost $125 and include a private party prior to the show and reserved seating. Tickets are available at CandyBomber LLC and Live Nation are pleased to present FURY, a captivating, immersive concert experience inspired by George Miller’s post-apocalyptic film, Mad Max: Fury Road. Performances take place at August Hall, February 1-2, 2019.

Cost: 35