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Thu, Apr 18 2019 8:00 PM

8:15 pm San(S) Kazakgascar w/ Jaroba
9:00 pm TanukiSpiderCat
Colleen Kelly T - loops and layers electronic cello, samples, and synths

TanukiSpiderCat is a blend of electronic cello, samples, little drum machines and synthesizers. It is improvisational looping layers turning dark and heavy contrasting the with weird and light. Originally trained as a child in classical piano, self-taught in all else. Invocations of lonely late night radio, raw emotion, and abandoned spaces that celebrate the joy of solitude and the freedom of being forgotten.

San(S) Kazakgascar Solo is guitarist Jed Brewer's music outside the band San Kazakgascar. It is Eastern-inspired psych/drone, sometimes structured, sometimes improvised. The music borrows equally from traditional Middle Eastern/South Asian music as well as underground/experimental/hybrid sounds. The "solo" sets often include guests.
“â€Ĥa heady blend of Middle Eastern influences, droning guitars and chanted vocals, the whole thing sounding like Spacemen 3 jamming with Gong in a sleazy nightclub, very probably as the soundtrack to a cheesy sixties exploitation flick, the dance floor filled with twirling flower children, stoned out of their gourds and having a bloody good time.” – Terrascope UK

Cost: $8-15 sliding