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Mon, Feb 11 2019 9:00 PM

Studio Grand
3234 Grand Ave, Oakland
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Oakland Freedom Jazz Society presents:


Alvaro Domene - guitar

Francis Wong - tenor saxophone

Hamir Atwal - drums

Ben Goldberg - clarinet



Stepančić, Lorenz, Gidron are a trio of musicians, composers and friends. Teodora met Martin in Switzerland during a composition residency in Winterthur, and they started performing as a duo together on piano and turntables, releasing an album on Dumpf Editions label. Later, Teodora met Assaf in the Hague where they were both studying composition, and have since been curating and organizing concerts together around the world, and performing as a duo on Casio organ and sine tones. The three of them came together in 2015 to perform Michael Pisaro’s Concentric Rings in Magnetic Levitation in Berlin and to record it for Dumpf editions in Zurich, and since have been working together. They explore music at the fringes of experimental music, performing mostly works of living composers who are part of a growing international community that developed around the Wandelweiser Collective, and is committed to open, generous and decentralized sharing and exploration of ideas. They are active in experimental music scenes, Martin in Berlin, Teodora and Assaf in New York, where among other projects they run the Piano+ concert series at Spectrum NYC, and are founders of LCollective and Love Records.


They will be performing:

M. Lorenz: Rauscharbeit for melodica, Casio keyboards, electronics

Evelyn Emile: Seasons and Days for Casio keyboard, field recordings

Jürg Frey: Colours of silence for 2 Casio keyboards, percussion


About the performers:

"Teodora Stepancic plays with subtle control at the piano, making use of the many expressive possibilities that this highly developed instrument offers. Her expressive spectrum ranges from almost impressionistic passages to massive walls of sound and percussive noises inside the grand piano. She develops delicate aural nuances that shimmer through the loud noise of the electronics. The result is a fascinating music full of contrasts, with an ever-changing interplay between its different layers." -- ...het pianospel van Stepanĉić indrukwekkend, Anouk Leeuwerink @ Theaterkrant

M. Lorenz - percussionist, composer, DJ. He studied percussion at the Conservatories of Zurich and Amsterdam and at the Conservatoire National de Région Rueil-Malmaison near Paris and took part in master classes with Jean-Pierre Drouet und Georges Aperghis. Since 1999, Martin Lorenz has worked as a freelance percussionist on the contemporary and experimental music scene and has realized solo and chamber music projects with assorted partners. Lorenz began to use electronics to complement his arsenal of percussion instruments, and thus expanded his spectrum of expressive forms towards installation work and music on the fringes of club culture. Furthermore, he has created a series of electronic works for his performances as a DJ, which he has published in a small limited edition on records prepared by hand.

Assaf Gidron is a composer and musician based in Brooklyn and originally from Tel Aviv. Assaf composes electronic and instrumental music, often produced through fixed processes combining harmonic, melodic and temporal material to produce evolving gradations of musical affect. Together with Teodora Stepancic, Assaf is half of the curator/performer duo Stepancic.Gidron. He is an active as performer and improviser, playing cello, guitar and electronics, and member of the NYC-area based Love Collective, a group devoted to organizing intimate events playing rarely performed and new works.


Oakland Freedom Jazz Society takes place every Monday night at Studio Grand. Lineups feature avant-jazz, experimental and noise performances by local and touring musicians and multimedia artists. OFJS is a long-running (6 years and counting!) series curated by Fernando Carpenter of VAMP.

Cost: $7-15
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