Serving the San Francisco Bay Area New Music Community

Sun, Mar 3 2019 5:30 PM

Berkeley, CA
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You may contact Andrew Jamieson ( or Tom Bickley if you plan to attend!

Free of charge! You are welcome to bring any dish to share for our potluck meal.

Join us in performing sound meditations and connecting with one another, ourselves, and with Spirit through creation and awareness of sound. We hope to cultivate a spiritual community of musicians—with the understanding that anyone can be a musician, regardless of training, background, and profession, if they choose to interact with sound in critical and creative ways. Rather than attempting to create a space that is strictly neutral with respect to faith/nonfaith beliefs and traditions, we intend to celebrate any faith/secular traditions that are meaningful to participants, with an emphasis on healing, meditation, self-exploration and community-building. We strive to elevate traditions and voices that are marginalized in our unjust society, and do our best to challenge racism, sexism, heterosexism, classism and European secular/Christian cultural dominance, while acknowledging these as the context that surrounds our community and has shaped traditions and institutions of faith themselves, and believing that Spirit can transform us in spite of the presence of unjust forces.

Each month, we will gather to perform Sonic Meditations of Pauline Oliveros, and guest artists will lead us into new sonic and meditative experiences. Afterwards, we will gather for a community meal, with space for both formal and informal conversation to discuss the experience of listening, and connect with fellow Sangha participants.

This time, our guest artist is Rachel Condry. She will share her piece Holding Empty Space, a sonic healing meditation for mothers of lost children (children of any age or gestation lost to miscarriage, abortion, stillborn, illness, accident or violence, including police violence). Whether they carried the child to term, were unable for some reason or whether they became mothers in other ways- mothers of the lost never put down their burden and never stop feeling their loss. They often think about what might have been. Mothers do more than simply grieve- they hold space on earth for those they lost- they remember and they carry on with empty weight in their minds. Let us remember and honor the lost with you in sound.

We meet the first Sunday of every month at 5:30pm for about an hour, gathering for a meal around 6:30.

Cost: free of charge
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